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Astro Public Testnet Announcement

Astro Public Testnet Announcement

Astro Public Testnet Announcement

Apr 18, 2024

We are delighted to announce that the Astro Testnet is now publicly available, marking a significant milestone in the development of the Astro protocol. With the launch of testnet, users will have the opportunity to engage with the protocol and mint USDA, utilizing test tokens, TestArweave (tAR). This marks the first step towards the full launch of the Astro protocol, and paves the way for mainnet launch in 2024.

The primary objective of launching testnet is to thoroughly battle-test the protocol ahead of the mainnet release. We understand the importance of ensuring that this protocol is robust and reliable, and the testnet phase will allow us to identify and address any potential issues or bugs.

It's important to note that the testnet may undergo multiple versions as we refine and improve the protocol based on user feedback and testing results.

To access the Astro Testnet, simply visit and click the Launch App button. We encourage all users, developers, and enthusiasts to join us on this journey as we work towards unlocking the full potential of the Astro protocol. 

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